clause 4造句


  1. This was expressly prohibited by clause 4 of the Trust Deed.
  2. He has said he is going to ditch Clause 4, which is deplorable,
  3. Moreover, Donald refers to clause 4 of the contract, which provides as follows:
  4. In Clause 4, obtaining information or pictures through intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit is unacceptable.
  5. The amended Clause 4 was adopted by the Lok Sabha, and later by the Rajya Sabha.
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  7. Dowry Prohibition Act Clause 4 states that any one demanding Dowry from a person has committed a crime.
  8. Similarly, Clause 4 requires modified versions to be identified by a change of title, among other things.
  9. The party finally rejected Clause 4, which had called for the worker's right to own the means of production.
  10. As I explained to this editor, this does not merit deletion under WP : NOTDIR, specifically clause 4, which states:
  11. Clause 4 of the Bill, meanwhile, seeks to introduce Part IIc in the Ordinance to provide for the Malaysia International ship registry.
  12. This decision is based on Article 67, Clause 4, Point A of Law No . 5 / 1986 on the State Administrative Court,
  13. Nor can clause 4 ( 2 ) ( a ) of the Law Society's Conditions of Sale avail a vendor in these circumstances.
  14. Even so, the constraint placed upon Congress's taxation power remained, as the restriction was reiterated in Article 1 Section 9 Clause 4.
  15. On 20 June 2008, the NetBSD Foundation announced a transition to the two clause BSD license, citing concerns with UCB support of clause 3 and industry applicability of clause 4.
  16. It was proposed in clause 4 to omit from clause ( 1 ) of article 286 the Explanation which had given rise to a great deal of legal controversy and practical difficulty.
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