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  1. Because lung cancer cells may have some special hormone ( heterologous hormone ) , and antigen enzyme , the role of these substances in the operation of bone joints , a result of bone and joint swelling pain , often involving the tibia , recife , ulnar and radial and bone and joints , often terminal expansion toes were clubbed fingers , x - ray radiography examination showed periosteal proliferation
    由于肺癌细胞可产生某些特殊的内分泌激素(异源性激素) 、抗原和酶,这些物质运转作用于骨关节部位,而致骨关节肿胀疼痛,常累及胫、腓、尺、桡等骨及关节,指趾末端往往膨大呈杵状指, x线摄片检查可见骨膜增生。
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