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"combine clips"是什么意思   


  1. You can also combine clip art with your own drawings and, if you like, add text.
  2. "He's Back ( The Man Behind the Mask ) " had an accompanying music video, combining clips from the film with new footage featuring Cooper.
  3. In " The Empire State Building Murders " ( 2008 ) he combines clips from film noir and recent interviews with actors to tell a narrative story.
  4. The technique was also used in the Barenaked Ladies music video " Thanks, That Was Fun ", which combined clips from previous videos with new mouth movements.
  5. Its video combines clips from Bill Carter's documentary with footage from the Passengers'first performance of the song at the 1995 " Pavarotti and Friends " concert in Modena.
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  7. A very brief video by Boaz Arad, combining clips of Hitler speeches which make him say in Hebrew, " Greetings, Jerusalem, I am deeply sorry, " is haunting.
  8. In October 2012, the group released a robo-call which combined clips of Obama from 2009 and 2011 and a clip from a speech Benjamin Netanyahu gave in 2012, in a form that appeared as if the two were having a debate.
  9. An online video created by Ryan Steinhardt in 1998 combines clips from " Barney and Friends " with the 2Pac single " Hit'Em Up ", designed to give the viewer the impression that Barney and the other characters from the show are rapping.
  10. It's a disco-style video combining clips of Marvin and Bugs Bunny from their encounters in " Haredevil Hare ", " Hare-Way to the Stars ", as well as bits of " Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-half Century " and " Rocket-bye Baby ".


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