commercial failure造句

"commercial failure"是什么意思   


  1. Leconte said, " and it was a commercial failure.
  2. Art historians say his commercial failure was unsurprising given the times.
  3. The album, however, was a critical and commercial failure.
  4. The album became a commercial failure, spawning no hit singles.
  5. Unlike the 1976 remake, the sequel was a commercial failure.
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  7. Upon its release in 2003, Uru was a commercial failure.
  8. The album suffered from poor publicity and became a commercial failure.
  9. The commercial failure of the album led to Polygram dropping Cope.
  10. With 8.8 million viewers it became a commercial failure.
  11. This album was her first commercial failure, failed to chart.
  12. The studio disliked the film and it was a commercial failure.
  13. The album received mixed critical response and was a commercial failure.
  14. Upon release, the album was a critical and commercial failure.
  15. Its commercial failure led to Quigg being dropped by RCA Records.
  16. Media outlets worldwide reported the relative commercial failure of the album.
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