commissar yarrick造句


  1. The game represents the Blood Angels; and Imperial Commissar Yarrick.
  2. He was pursued by High Marshal Helbrecht and an entire Crusade of the Black Templars Space Marines, along with Commissar Yarrick.
  3. A notable effect of this invasion resulted in Ghazghkull earning the wrath of Commissar Yarrick, who dedicated his efforts after the Second War to hunting down Ghazghkull, with little success.
  4. Ghazghkull's next appearance was in the " Battle for Armageddon " boardgame, based around the events of the Second War for Armageddon, featured opposite Commissar Yarrick.
  5. In " Straight Silver ", Gaunt makes a reference to Commissar Yarrick  whom he calls the " Great Yarrick "  despite the fact the novel is set several centuries before the second war on Armageddon ( the conflict that made Yarrick a legend ).
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