1. We need a total, communitywide commitment to make this happen.
  2. The Conyers / Rockdale Equestrian Task Force put forth a persuasive communitywide bid.
  3. Initially, the law permitted communitywide notification about the parolees living in towns.
  4. In early 1996, McCort wrote a paper calling for a communitywide attack on violence.
  5. In some ways, coping with a communitywide disaster is easier than going it alone.
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  7. _Multilevel, communitywide programs are effective in reducing the prevalence of alcohol consumption among teenagers.
  8. The communitywide strategy calls for cooperative efforts among the Stowers Institute and other area research organizations.
  9. The Kids for Running program encourages Bellin's theme of encouraging communitywide health and fitness.
  10. It was proposed by Hannibal Afrik of Shule ya Matoto as a communitywide promotonial and educational campaign.
  11. Delegates representing the two Kansas Citys are to meet within two weeks to begin mapping a communitywide effort.
  12. The Life Sciences Institute aims to raise $ 300 million for communitywide research and development over 10 years.
  13. Scott said it's the communitywide determination to put Camilla back together that has made the recovery successful.
  14. Jasper, about 130 miles northeast of Houston, is planning a communitywide prayer service at the courthouse square Monday.
  15. Convincing the black community that its long-held beliefs might be outdated might require a communitywide effort, however.
  16. The first First Night was in 1976 in Boston, conceived for the bicentennial as a communitywide celebration of the arts.
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