compensation leave造句

"compensation leave"是什么意思   


  1. Or employees may stay out on workers'compensation leave longer than the injury warrants.
  2. Fuhrman was placed on temporary workers'compensation leave while he attended art classes at Long Beach City College.
  3. An average of 1, 703 county employees were out on workers'compensation leave on any given day this fiscal year.
  4. An average of 1, 710 county employees out of 90, 000 total county workers were out on workers'compensation leave on any given day in fiscal year 2000-01.
  5. In particular, they point to reforms that gave more weight to the opinion of the primary treating physician on whether an employee on workers'compensation leave is well enough to return to work.
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  7. MTA officials say they have no way to calculate how much the people on workers'compensation leave are costing the agency in terms of lost productivity and what is paid to other employees in overtime to cover their jobs.


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