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  1. 6 . employees " views on company ' s future have an effect on there satisfaction about the compensation level , its system , even the encourage they feel in work
    6 、员工对公司前景的看法对薪酬水平、薪酬制度的满意程度,进而对工作的激励程度产生影响。
  2. Judicial review on the decision of board of directors is necessary but not efficient . it is shareholder not court that is the best party to determine whether compensation level is excess high
  3. Top executives criticism of their peers compensation levels could also encourage activist investors and hedge funds to target underperforming companies with highly - paid leaders at shareholder meetings
  4. A lot of employees are not satisfied with the compensation system . though they feel more satisfied with the compensation level than that with compensation system , the overall rate of satisfaction are still low , and company does not play a positive role to inspire their employees in compensation aspect . besides , knowledge employees feel most unsatisfied with the long - term incentive compensation , accessional pay as well as the short - term incentive compensation
    4 、知识型员工对薪酬水平、薪酬制度满意度与被激励程度呈显著正相关;对分类薪酬要素的感受程度(除长期激励薪酬外)与其被激励程度呈正相关关系; 5 、多数员工对薪酬制度是较不满意的,虽然薪酬水平的满意度高于薪酬制度的满意度,但总体的满意度很低,企业在薪酬方面对员工的激励是较差的;另外,知识型员工最不满意的前三个分类薪酬要素依次为长期激励薪酬、附加薪酬、短期激励薪酬。
  5. This research has been done on both the theory study and questionnaire , and we inspected 172 knowledge employees from 20 companies ( out of which there are 111 samples efficient ) the compensation has been proved by the results , and the main conclusions are as folio wings : 1 . there are no significant differences in demand of the compensation combination among the knowledge employees with different background . it ' s just the same story when concerning the encouragement state of knowledge employees , compensation levels and the feeling of the compensation system
    研究采用理论研究和问卷调查相结合的方法,调查了20家企业的172名员工(其中有效的知识型员工样本111份) ,基本证实了构思假设,主要结论如下: 1 、不同背景的知识型员工对薪酬组合需求没有存在明显的差异;知识型员工的被激励状态、薪酬水平及薪酬制度的感受程度与其对自助式薪酬组合的需求没有明显的差异。
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  7. Secondly , this paper make use of the large sums of survey data , analyzes the present condition of huaguang group ' s compensation mode , lack and successful place of it . as a result of this , the author depends on the advancd view and the core technique of total compensation and strategic compensation , extensively draws lessons from the domestic and international enterprises , and have completed the operationable solution , which include in the compensation system , the compensation level , the compensation structure designing , variable pay forms for different communities , and annual reward plannings for high performance
  8. This helps their long - turn lives , but there are some material problems : fund source is simplex ; compensation level is low ; it is hard for the farmers to find jobs ; many farmers " lives get worse , etc . on basis of reviewing advantages and disadvantages of this innovation ; referring to experiences of the world ; according to economics theories , from the aspects of rule insurances , insurance financing , zone plan as a whole , this text raises some strategies and ideas on how to solve the farmers " problems : short - turn interests , long - turn interests , real civilization , etc . during their being levied


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