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"compensation money"是什么意思   


  1. They say they are to receive the compensation money from the company
  2. Taxes shall not be levied upon the compensation money obtained by claimant for compensation
  3. Joan : if it was me , i would have taken the worker ' s compensation money and retired early
  4. As a result , i get some new innovations , such as : 1 , i put forward a new method about compensation according to market price ; 2 , i agree to resolve peasant ' s removal problem with carrot and strong policy , 3 , i suggest that the collective land not farming but construction directly appears on the market ; 4 , i advise that the changing from village to community should leap neighborhood committee and direct to the community committee ; 5 , i advise that we can turn removal compensation money to stock ; 6 , i suggest that we can use the " bot " way to attract the real estate promoter in transform
    本文的创新之处在于:一、提出拆迁补偿按市场价进行补偿的实施方法;二、提出解决农民拆迁问题的“胡萝卜加大棒政策” ;三、提出集体非农建设用地直接上市的观点;四、提出村转居跨越居委会直接向社区居委会转变的观点;五、提出将拆迁补偿款折成股份来解决拆迁补偿费;六、提出借鉴bot方式外部筹资。
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