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  1. 5 the other party shall indemnify 甲方 against all expenses and claims by third parties ? including 甲方 personnel ? for compensation of damage resulting from or caused in connection with performances by 甲方 for the other party
  2. the third part analyzes damages of elements of products liability . most countries stipulate that physical harm, economic harm and other indirect harm caused by defected products should be restored, of course, they are limited to different degree . however, countries have diverge on the stipulation of damages of products themselves . there are three modes on the compensation of damages of products themselvesronly physical harm and economic harm are dealt with in the suit of products liability, and damages of products themselves is dealt with by means of contract law; all are dealt with hi the suit of products liability; comprised way . the thesis considers that comprised way is more reasonable and can protect harmed parties more fully and " conviently . besides this, the article discusses the calling back of defective products preliminarily, and considers that as one means of duty disregarding fault, it can be one kind of effective supplement of liability of compensation for damages
  3. but in the theory field, the systematical and deeply research is not given, so the application of the rule of foreseeability appears the hazy and confused in the judicial practice . according to many questions about the rule in theory, the thesis expounds the theoretical development and legal values of this rule at first . then the thesis discusses about the theoretical composition of the rule, and holds the delinquent party should foresee that the range of compensation of damages is the damages caused by his breaking contract when he negotiates a contract . finally separately discusses on the relationship between the rule of foreseeability and the principle of complete compensation, between the rule and the doctrine of liability fixation for breach of contract, between the rule and the theory of causal relationship
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