1. The concisions show that : 1
    研究结果得出了如下的结论: 1
  2. As concision agent , we do business on commission basis
  3. Beware of dogs , beware of evil workers , beware of the concision
  4. “ partly it has to do with greater concision , ” mr
  5. Accuracy and concision are principles of the standardization of translating chinese medical terminology into english
  6. It's difficult to find concision in a sentence. 用concision造句挺难的
  7. The algorithm has the concision of linear calibration and improves the accuracy in calibration of robot soccer vision system
  8. The characteristic of the system is concision of interface , simple operation and high efficiency . the cooperation optimal strategy is the highlight of this system
  9. Decision trees are widely applied in data mining for its character such as simplicity and concision compared with other classification models
  10. Next , the control mode of on - line measurement is devised for the purpose of on - line measurement in a vacuum interrupter and the concision utility
  11. As a new domain in the computer application , embedded real - time operation system is widely concerned by its concision and efficiency
  12. Currently , most work has been put on numerical value analyzing and theoretical research , which has the character of concision results and easily being digitalized
  13. This structure has the both virtue of common dome and cable dome - its concision , its high capacity and its easiness in construction , and so is a potential new type of spatial structure
  14. This algorithm can discovery the relationship of the events and can discover more knowledge and the cost is more cheap than other algorithm , the algorithm is concision , frank , it take only ( o ( n3 ) ) time
    该算法与其它算法比较,发现的知识更丰富,时空开销小,时间复杂度为( o ( n ~ 3 ) ) ,算法直观,简洁。
  15. This " method of construction " ( realized through the method of completing square ) is far conciser than my classification method and i feel pleasantly surprised at the beauty of concision from the standard solution
    这个"构造法" (通过配方法实现) ,比我采用的分类处理法不知要简洁多少倍,标准解答所散发的简洁美令我感到惊喜。
  16. Embedded system speeds up the design process of industry , and reduces exploration cost and risk . it features simple operation , flexible expansibility , high - efficiency and concision . it can be simple used in industry field
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