1. In both definitions the lithologic-time marker is critical because it represents contemporaneity of deposition .
  2. On the contemporaneity of confucianism
  3. Chapter 2 elaborates the origin of neoteric arcade , its development , its characteristic and the applications conditions of arcade form in the contemporaneity conditions
  4. Using “ reboot ” as its theme , the third chengdu biennale attempts to redefine guohua ( chinese painting ) or shuimohua ( ink painting ) , and to present more objectively the multifaceted process of the development of chinese contemporary art , and to redefine the contemporaneity of this segment of the arts
    “第三届成都双年展”以“重新启动”为展览标题,对“国画” 、 “水墨”进行新的阐释,试图客观地展示中国当代艺术发展历程中的多元格局,重新定义中国当代艺术。
  5. At present , the remote education is developed vigorously in overseas especially in the usa , demonstrated by the new report of idc , it ' s accepted by the american colleges rapidly , the american institution nearly 90 percent will provide " on _ line learning " chances , the contemporaneity distance education network platform is formed roughly , which based on the cernet and satellite video system builded in 1994
    目前,远程教育在国外特别是在美国得到了蓬勃发展。据美国国际数据公司( idc )的一份最新调查报告,远程教育迅速为美国大专院校所接受,到2005年,近90的美国高等教育机构将提供“在线学习”的机会; 1994年开始建设的以中国教育科研网( cernet )和卫星视频系统为基础的现代远程教育网络平台已初步形成。
  6. It's difficult to find contemporaneity in a sentence. 用contemporaneity造句挺难的
  7. By avoiding the conventional exhibition structure , which usually categorizes the exhibits by medium or format , the third chengdu biennale is organized into three thematic sections , “ humanity and spirit , ” “ society , ” and “ nature , ” in order to express the contemporaneity of chinese art
    “第三届成都双年展”主题展突破以媒材和表现形式分类的传统展览模式,以社会文化学的视野,将作品归纳在“人,精神” “社会” “自然”三个主题中展开,力图展现“国画” 、 “水墨”的当代性。
  8. He has published many dissertations on chinese ethnic vocal music , among which are studying and training in ethnic vocal music , introduction to my vocal music training methods , scientificity nationality artistry and contemporaneity , and inheriting traditions of ethnic vocal music and enhancing the undertaking of ethnic vocal music
    发表《民族声乐的学习和训练》 《浅谈我的声乐训练方法》 《科学性、民族性、艺术性、时代性》 《继承民族声乐艺术传统,振兴民族声乐事业》等多篇民族声乐方面的论文。
  9. Chapter 3 bases on theory elaboration and noumenal analysis . basing on an urban viewpoint , from the dual attributes , urban attribute and the architecture individual attribute , combining the factors that affects arcade form , it analyses the characteristic of arcade form in contemporaneity conditions and the function of each essential factors . there are many factors that have an important influence on arcade form


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