1. what second departure was contemporaneously perceived by him similarly if differently ? a temporary departure of his cat
  2. firstly, the plaintiff of the civil action is any person who was contemporaneously trading the same security on the other side of the market while the defender is the doer who made the insider trading
  3. however, it is simply not possible to make sense out of the diverse performance of economies and polities both historically and contemporaneously if individuals really know their self interest and acted accordingly
  4. according to his annotation, we can speculate some extortion > omission and extension in the contemporaneously-inherited zhan guo ce, by which we can get better insight into the original features of zhan guo ce written by liuxiang
  5. contemporaneously, a heated argument having arisen between mr delegate madden and mr candidate lynch regarding the juridical and theological dilemma in the even of one siamese twin predeceasing the other, the difficulty by mutual consent was referred to mr canvasser bloom for instant submittal to mr coadjutor deacon dedalus
  6. It's difficult to find contemporaneously in a sentence. 用contemporaneously造句挺难的


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