1. Elements of modern idiomatic language underline the contemporaneousness of the issues.
  2. The contemporaneousness of stone walls and excavated potteries was not established.
  3. More precisely, we can also characterise Vu edol as the European Troy by its contemporaneousness, but even more so by the continental significance of the site and its finds.
  4. If contemporaneousness was the issue, he said, prosecutors could use the photograph of a smiling Simpson taken at his young daughter's dance recital on the night of the killings.
  5. Such contemporaneousness contributes to the poignancy of the production, which is directed by Joe Grifasi with schoolboy relish and designed by Cyrus E . Newitt with the makeshift ingenuity of a dinner made of leftovers.
  6. It's difficult to find contemporaneousness in a sentence. 用contemporaneousness造句挺难的
  7. Cynthia Citron of " Curtain Up " said : " With just a minimal amount of furniture and Meghan Hong's effective lighting design, the production bounces along with a fast-paced contemporaneousness.
  8. The article does not take a side on whether the project will tend towards excellence or mediocrity over time, but does point out that one major strength of the project is its contemporaneousness, noting that Wikipedia's coverage of recent events is " far ahead " of the opposition.
  9. And for all of his contemporaneousness, McDonagh makes you constantly and warmly aware of the ghosts of his countrymen Synge and Beckett in the two plays : Synge for the humorous but unsentimental characterizations of the Irish, and Beckett for the equally humorous and unsparing meditations on the tedium of the lives they live.
  10. Evoking his Second symphony's " Scherzo ", Risti in " Bagatelles " utilizes 5 / 8 meter, thus " implying folklore, " but also includes a very important modernist epithet which by its " unusual harmonies " speaks about the composer's " individuality " and " contemporaneousness " ( Peri i 1969, 472 ).
  11. As Hammerstein's " When I Grow Too Old to Dream ( I'll Have You to Remember ) " segues into Sondheim's " Remember " and back again, Patinkin creates a dynamic that forges a link to the two composers, showing the contemporaneousness of Hammerstein and what some find to be a missing link between Sondheim and show tunes.


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