1. Nevertheless, " Contemporanul " maintained the status of an elite propaganda magazine.
  2. After 1881, he joined the Marxist group around " Contemporanul " magazine.
  3. Right after completing university, he was hired as an editor for " Contemporanul ".
  4. As a result, Steuerman had his works published in the Moldavian socialist review, " Contemporanul ".
  5. Ivacu also helped Marino, his former cell mate, by having him published in " Contemporanul ".
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  7. Her first published fiction, the novella " Dou mame ", appeared in " Contemporanul " in 1884 and 1886.
  8. "Revista Oltean " was loosely based on the socialist magazine " Contemporanul ", although their respective ideologies were rather different.
  9. "Convorbiri Literare " has a conservative stance and its literary rival was socialist " Contemporanul " during the communist regime in Romania.
  10. She was part of the " Contemporanul " circle, alongside Constantin Mille, Traian Demetrescu, Anton Bacalbaa, Paul Bujor and tefan Bsrbeanu.
  11. Ivacu's work, such as his 1946 homage to the socialist writer Gala Galaction, was taken up by the communist literary journal " Contemporanul ".
  12. As the volume was being withdrawn from bookstores, Ivacu published a " Contemporanul " article which insisted that communist poetry was fertile enough to fill that void.
  13. He was also a prominent contributor to the communist literary magazine, " Contemporanul ", where he praised the party for its " consolidation of democracy ".
  14. He entered the Iai socialist circle in 1880 and was one of the founders of its " Contemporanul " magazine, to which he contributed from 1881 to 1888.
  15. Upon university graduation he was hired as a sub-editor at a Bucharest academic publishing house and subsequently at the weeklies " Contemporanul " and " Lumea ".
  16. Although sometimes credited as a writer of the " Contemporanul " circle, Bujor was never actually part of that team, although he may have been in contact with it.
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