cooling after造句

"cooling after"是什么意思   


  1. It gets nice and cool after a spatter of rain ..
  2. The room cooled after they opened the window
  3. The dutch housing market cooled after interest rates began climbing in 1999
  4. But just how quickly did the surface of the earth cool after its luminous birth
  5. The finite element resolution and simulation of heat transfer daring control cooling after bars rolling
  6. It's difficult to find cooling after in a sentence. 用cooling after造句挺难的
  7. Will britney spears and her husband kevin federline treat their adorable dog cool after she gives birth to her baby
  8. Built in air cooling guides , made of reinforced high performance plastic , provide fast cooling after evaporation
  9. In this paper . the conclusion of this paper has utility meaning in analysis on turbine blades cooling after some proper correcting of the geometry structure and boundary conditions
    由于所采用的结构及计算域近似涡轮叶片的冷却形式(主流加热,内流通道冷却) ,因此这种方法经过进一步的改进,可用于涡轮叶片冷却的计算研究。
  10. 5 . the comprehensive capacities of the azsm alloy were markedly promoted than that of the as - cast azsm alloy which was aged at 200 ? , air - cooled and furnace - cooled after solid - solution , aged at 90 ? and aged in nature after solid - solution
    5 )铸态azsm合金经200时效3小时、固溶4小时后空冷和炉冷、 400固溶-水淬90时效和自然时效的综合性能较铸态有显著的提高。
  11. According to the question of using natural cooling will prolong the period of opening cylinder for overhaul , we expound three modes for the steam turbine quickly cooled after being stopped , these are vacuum and aeration - cooling , pressure - air cooling and steam 1ing , then analysis and contrast them


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