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  1. While in charge of surveys in the Persian Gulf, he discovered a series of coral pinnacles now known and charted as Haslam's Patches.
  2. Nauru has yet to develop a plan to remove the innumerable coral pinnacles created by mining and make those lands suitable for human habitation.
  3. Arriving at Pearl Harbor on 10 February 1945, " Fitch " trained in minesweeping exercises there and at Ulithi, where her propellers were badly damaged when she ran afoul of a coral pinnacle.
  4. Despite their bright colors, Blue-spotted Stingrays are not always easy to see because of their habit of half-burying themselves in sand, sometimes in open sandy areas between coral pinnacles, but often beneath coral overhangs.
  5. The Nauruans plan to use the money to knock down hundreds of thousands of the lifeless coral pinnacles, and then to lay down topsoil in hopes of coaxing pandanus, mango and breadfruit trees to grow again.
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