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  1. These include such varied techniques as film photography, Digital photography, High-definition video and even the 3-D underwater Imax technology of SDUPS members Howard and Michelle Hall ( Under the Sea 3D, Coral Reef Adventure)
  2. He was a finalist for both the Natural World Book Award ( UK ) and the Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism . " Coral Reef Adventure " was the highest grossing documentary film of 2003 and was voted Best Picture of 2003 by the Giant Screen Theatre Association.
  3. NWF seeks to educate people of all ages by publishing a variety of wildlife magazines, including " Ranger Rick ", " Ranger Rick Jr . ", and " National Wildlife Magazine ", and by the " Backyard Habitat " series on Discovery's Animal Planet along with IMAX films, such as Coral Reef Adventure, India : Kingdom of the Tiger, Bears, Wolves, and Dolphins.
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