1. Other poets of the movement include Sergio Corazzini and Marino Moretti.
  2. Carl Corazzini didn't give much thought to playing professional hockey.
  3. If there was a knock on Corazzini, it was his size.
  4. Baker and Corazzini are known for their speed, a trait of most BU teams.
  5. And that speed whiplashed St . Cloud early as Corazzini opened the scoring with an unassisted goal at 2 : 35 of the first.
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  7. Which he did once, sending Carl Corazzini in alone on Gustafson in the first OT . But Gustafson, of course, made the save.
  8. Jason Devos and Carlo Corazzini each had goals for Canada, and goalkeeper Craig Forrest, the MVP of the tournament, recorded his second straight shutout.
  9. Corazzini got a goal Sunday night as the Bruins ended their rookie camp with a 3-2 loss to Toronto's prospects in a shootout.
  10. Baker caught up to the action and drove home the rebound of Corazzini's shot for the key goal in BU's 5-3 win over the Huskies.
  11. The Terriers had come out with their A game in the first period " because we were terrible against Maine in the Hockey East semifinals, " said Corazzini.
  12. The Columbus Blue Jackets expressed interest in having him join them in their inaugural season but in the end, Corazzini elected to go back to college for his senior year.
  13. During his junior season, partly because of his play and partly because Corazzini added some heft to his compact 5-foot-10-inch frame, NHL teams began to take notice.
  14. "Mike gave me a lot of assignments on how I should eat, " said Corazzini, whose focus before that was having as low a body fat count as he could.
  15. Corazzini's poetical activities officially began in 1902, when his verses started to be regularly published in the magazine " Pasquino de Roma " ( later " Marforio " ).
  16. "This was just the right situation to sign with the Bruins, obviously being close to home, " said Corazzini, whose father is a police officer in Watertown and whose mother is a teacher in Natick.
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