1. The mayor of Corcuera is the municipal executive of the town.
  2. A circumferential road connects the 15 barangays of Corcuera to each other.
  3. Jos?Luis Corcuera who succeeded him as interior minister was also tried with him.
  4. Mancera is married to Sonia Corcuera Corcuera.
  5. Mancera is married to Sonia Corcuera Corcuera.
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  7. Corcuera told a news conference Tuesday.
  8. From Odiongan, Corcuera can be reached by jeepney and motorized boat via Calatrava, Romblon.
  9. Corcuera's occupation was the first prolonged Spanish occupation of Jolo from 1638-1645.
  10. On Friday, Barrionuevo and Corcuera gave a joint press conference to show their support for Vera.
  11. The state prosecution had sought sentences of up to seven years for Barrionuevo and six for Corcuera.
  12. ;By sea : Corcuera is accessible via RORO vessels that ply the Manila-Odiongan route.
  13. Her full name is Florinda Corcuera y Villalpando, viuda de ( widow of ) La Regueira.
  14. This is partly due to the talent and sensitivity of Catalina Corcuera, the director of the museum.
  15. Neither Corcuera nor his two ministry aides have been formally charge or questioned in the case so far.
  16. From Alcantara, Corcuera can be reached in 5 6 hours by jeepney and motorized boats from Calatrava.
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