cord 812造句


  1. The Cord 812 Beverly sedan in Bruce Hanson's north Phoenix garage is a magnificent survivor, one of 13 Cords that Hanson has owned over the past 30 years.
  2. Also along this road is a memorial marker for Tom Mix, who died after his Cord 812 convertible crashed into what is now designated the Tom Mix Wash while bridge construction was incomplete.
  3. Apparently, with the urging of the Pennsylvanian model collector and importer David Sinclair, two American models were also made-a Duesenberg town car and a Cord 812 ( Sinclair 1979, p . 387 ).
  4. Division by separate eras include : horseless carriages ( 19th-century experimental automobiles such as the Daimler Motor Carriage ), antique cars ( brass era cars such as the Ford Model T ), and classic cars ( typically 1930s cars such as the Cord 812 ).
  5. The "'Cord 810 "', and later "'Cord 812 "', was an automobile produced by the Cord Automobile division of the Traction Avant and the Cord L-29, both of which also had front wheel drive.
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