cord and tina造句


  1. Cord and Tina return to Llanview and remarry.
  2. Her short-term run ended as Cord and Tina remarried on November 15, 2011.
  3. Cord and Tina take advantage of the cancelled wedding and reception preparations and marry for the fourth time.
  4. Cord and Tina later name him Clinton James, after Cord's biological father, Clint Buchanan.
  5. Cord and Tina remarry in November 1988 in a double ceremony with Cord's grandfather Asa Buchanan and Renee Divine.
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  7. Cord and Tina are held prisoner in Atlantic City but evade death at the hands of the Sanders and Ursula, who are arrested.
  8. Rex then talks to Cord and Tina, and tells them that he's been named Brody's best man at his wedding.
  9. She would return infrequently over the next year until a summer storyline in 1989 had her in cahoots with grandson Jaime to escape from prison, ultimately resulting in Cord and Tina being held captive by them ."


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