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  1. Discussion on the issues in establishment of denying system of artificial personality of corporation aggregate
  2. Only . the controlling methods of legislation and administration and judicature and corporation aggregate and craft continence and so on be combined with , the contract of adhesion could exert its function about reducing transaction cost and enhancing efficiency
  3. In 1998 - 1999 , jiya passed the quality certification of relative domestic manufacturers in the trade and became class a preferred supplier for 3 famous corporations , namely haier , changhong , and chunlan . its annual supply of lcd accounts for more than 70 per cent of the three corporations aggregate demand
    1998 ? 1999年,在国内分别通过了相关厂家的的质量认证,成为春兰、海尔、长虹三大公司的a级首选供应商,液晶显示屏的年供货量占其总需求量的70 %以上;
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