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  1. Many design works we made have turned into products . we are although cooperated with the international manufacturer such as yamaha design institute in japan . at present , we are planning to builtindependent studiowith the group of enterprise . in 2005 , we get the dun bradstreet corporation code . ihe number is
  2. The purpose of the corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity for whic a corporation may be organized under the general corparation law of california other than the banking business , the trust company business or the practice of a profession permitted to be incorporated by the california corporations code
  3. Third , based on the guarantee code and citing the related articles from the corporation code , the receipt code , the insurance code and the copyright code , the author discusses the range and classification of the pledge rights over rights . also in this part , the author gives some new ideas about the set and realization of the pledge rights over security creditor ' s rights , the characteristics of the pledge rights over genral creditor ' s rights , the set and effect of the pledge rights over stock , the punitive restrictions in the pledge rights over knowledge and the characters of the pledge rights over immovables ' profit
    第三,以我国《担保法》为主,结合《公司法》 、 《票据法》 、 《著作权法》等法律的相关规定,对权利质权的法定范围和种类进行了论述。在分析了权利质权和动产质权的异同点后,阐述了权利质权的特点和种类。在证券质权的设定既实现、一般债权质权出质人的权利特点、股份质权的设定及效力、知识产权质权的处分限制、不动产收益质权的性质等方面提出了很多独到的见解。
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