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  1. Correct Craft ( aka Nautique ) developed the " Hydrogate " which uses Bernoulli's Principle to trim their wakeboarding boats.
  2. Other notable " landmarks " included Correct Craft's patented Flight Control Tower, which was essentially a modified fishing tower.
  3. I fail to see how this page differs from other boat manufacturer pages i . e . Malibu Boats, Correct Craft, and Mastercraft Boats.
  4. In the 1970s, Correct Craft produced an array of center console models including the Southwind, Martinique, Cuddy Nautique, Fish Nautique and Ski Nautique.
  5. During the Korean Conflict, Correct Craft, Inc . was awarded a government contract to build 3, 000 boats, and they geared up to fill the order.
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  7. In the early 1940s through 1957, the recreational boat business prospered and Correct Craft operated an additional manufacturing facility in Titusville, Florida, building boats of 18 55 feet.
  8. The advent of fiberglass brought new possibilities to the marine industry in the 1960s and Correct Craft worked with designer Leo Bentz to bring the fiberglass Nautique to market in 1961.
  9. Robert Redford's chi-chi Sundance catalog is now online ( http : / / www . cybermart . com / sundance ) with a collection of environmentally correct crafts.
  10. Correct Craft invented a tower to add even more height to these newer sports and the Sport Nautique was the platform they ultimately used as their wakeboarding-specific boat, Air Nautique.
  11. After more than eight decades of experience and with members of the fourth and fifth generations of the Meloon family active in the business, Correct Craft is the oldest family-owned boat company in the United States.
  12. The test boat was a 21-foot Correct Craft . The engine was a 364 CID Buick with a four barrel Rochester carburetor of nominal 300 gross HP . While the boat could attain speeds of about 60 MPH, which was considerable at the time, the transmission suffered from several problems.


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