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  1. Download now to have geteffectiverightsfromacl return the correct data
  2. This data is then replaced with the correct data by using the
  3. Why don ' t we wait to get the correct data of our marketing research
  4. Nor can a computer produce correct answers unless it is fed correct data
  5. Data integrity refers to each occurrence of a column having a correct data value
  6. It's difficult to find correct data in a sentence. 用correct data造句挺难的
  7. 5 . corrected data stream arithmetic function for bosch and kwp 2000 protocol
    5修改了bosch协定和kwp 2000协定的资料流程演算法。
  8. Please send requests to access or correct data , questions or complaints to : data privacy officer
  9. Microsoft project displays the correct data in each field on the gantt chart view
  10. Adding validation to verify the correct data is being entered before sending changes to the database
  11. There is no need to write code to test for the correct data type , because it is enforced at compile time
  12. Use move up and move down to match the address book fields on the left to the correct data for import on the right
  13. After deploying the aggregate , test it by executing it on the sql server and verifying the correct data is returned
    部署聚合后,在sql server上运行它以进行调试并验证是否返回正确的数据。
  14. Component is used to show how to give the user visible warning on a control that does not validate to the correct data type
  15. During that time we will generate correct data files and set up a new wu generator for the work of 800hz and above
    如果我们简单地取消这些任务包,那些已经完成这些任务的用户将得不到积分,所以。 。 。
  16. The fuzzy lookup transformation performs data cleaning tasks such as standardizing data , correcting data , and providing missing values
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