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  1. The Counselor In Training ( CIT ) program works in a special way, compared to other camps.
  2. Counselors in Training ( CITs ) stay in an Intermediate or Senior Cabin, depending on the year.
  3. The Counselor in Training program is available to all youth over 16 who have an interest in some day becoming a counselor.
  4. The counselors in training have the opportunity, within those 5 weeks, to work with younger campers and learn about how to be an effective counselor and leader.
  5. Starting in 2011, children over the age of 14 who wanted to continue learning and participating in Circus Camp were given the opportunity to become Circus Camp Counselors in Training.
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  7. Its Counselor in Training program in particular is well known in the region for training members of the international community and finding them placement both at Camp Fitch and several other summer camps in northwestern Pennsylvania.
  8. The counselors in training, all entering their senior years of high school, participate in a 5-week intensive program in which they do workshops in child development, Jewish programming, and leadership training to which they become sufficient to joining the other JCA staff members.
  9. In this sequel to " The Cat Ate My Gymsuit ", Marcy Lewis finds herself as a counselor in training at the summer camp near Woodstock, New York run by her former English teacher, Ms . Finney, whom Marcy has missed after Ms . Finney had been fired from her job.


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