counselor troi造句


  1. All complaints will be referred to Counselor Troi.
  2. Riker ( Frakes, who also directed the film ) and Counselor Troi ( Sirtis ).
  3. Data very rarely calls her by her first name, usually calling her " Counselor Troi ".
  4. Picard consults Counselor Troi, who explain that his aversion to risk meant he never distinguished himself.
  5. In this episode, the Counselor Troi struggles with the sudden unexpected loss of her telepathic abilities.
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  7. He fails yet again, and talks to Counselor Troi ( Marina Sirtis ) to try to understand Keiko's decision.
  8. Counselor Troi ( Marina Sirtis ) meets Danar and reads little aggression from him, finding it unlikely that he could be so violent.
  9. Commander Riker ( Jonathan Frakes ) and Counselor Troi ( Marina Sirtis ) finally get hitched, and he'll take a job as steward of the USS Titan.
  10. Claire is distraught at the thought of losing everyone she ever knew, particularly her children, so Counselor Troi ( Marina Sirtis ) suggests searching for Claire's descendants.
  11. It is quickly transported into space by Counselor Troi on the " Enterprise " and demand the Federation become involved in mediating the dispute, returning to the planet before security can arrive.
  12. Data ( Brent Spiner ), Counselor Troi ( Marina Sirtis ), Dr . Crusher ( Gates McFadden ) and Lt . Worf ( Michael Dorn ), among about a half-zillion others.
  13. Riker, now in command of the ship, prepares to join an away team to transport to the cube to rescue Picard, but Counselor Troi reminds him his place is now on the bridge.
  14. When they near the Class M planet, Ship's Counselor Troi is taken over by a mysterious energy pulse from the system, and starts to speak to the crew with a different voice.
  15. Riva, frustrated and agitated, struggles to communicate with the crew, so Picard orders Counselor Troi ( Marina Sirtis ) inspires him to stay, suggesting that he turn his disadvantage into an advantage, recalling Riva's own negotiating tactic.
  16. During a recess, Riker asserts to Counselor Troi that he never seduced Manua, and Troi believes him, but she tells him that Manua believes the events happened as described, and that " it is the truth as each of you remembers it ".


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