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  1. The county archaeologist visited Litl鴜a and Gaukv鎟鴜a in the spring of 2010.
  2. They were dated most probably between 500 and 1000 AD by the county archaeologist.
  3. He was formerly County Archaeologist of Clwyd and Chief Executive of the Sussex Archaeological Society.
  4. Miami-Dade County Archaeologist Robert Carr told Miami City Commissioners at a jam-packed meeting Tuesday.
  5. The site was surveyed by the Prince William County Archaeologist, Prince William County Historical Society and County Arborist for potential restoration in 2006.
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  7. Ms . Lund, the Buskerud County archaeologist, said her colleagues have been too timid in response to the subsidence of Halvdan's Mound.
  8. The find was reported to Scotland's Treasure Trove Unit and a county archaeologist, Andrew Nicholson, undertook an excavation with McLennan's assistance.
  9. After graduation, Carr worked for more than 20 years as a Dade County archaeologist, during which time he conducted archaeological surveys of both Miami-Dade and Broward County.
  10. The work is monitored by a curator, normally the County Archaeologist, who is nominated by the local planning authority as an adviser and who also identifies sites where archaeology might be threatened by development.
  11. Critics of PPG 16 argue that the commercialization of UK archaeology has resulted in more work of lower quality being undertaken, and that a shortage of county archaeologists to monitor this work allows consultants to exploit the situation.
  12. In two weeks, developer Glenn Goldstein, who's building six multimillion-dollar waterfront homes that will overlook the Loxahatchee River, said his archaeologist will be available to accompany a county archaeologist to the site to see whether historically significant artifacts are found.
  13. Tiring of his position as county archaeologist, finding it " too safe, pensionable and superannuable ", in 1978 he returned to Oxfordshire to take up a temporary position as a tutor in archaeology and local studies at Oxford University's External Studies Department.
  14. According to former county archaeologist Alison Taylor the church was serving the impoverished and fast growing community of the upper town, in the neighbourhood of the Regius Professor of Geek in 1547, was reset in the south wall of the south chapel ( the Lady Chapel ).
  15. Former county archaeologist Alison Taylor speculates that due to its location, across the Roman road from St Giles'Church, it may have its origins in the Anglo-Saxon period but confirms that no evidence of the church prior to the Norman period has currently been discovered.
  16. In 1974, he was appointed as the first County Archaeologist for Somerset, there developing an interest in aerial archaeology and establishing a reputation as a pioneer in landscape archaeology & ndash; a term that he co-invented with Trevor Rowley & ndash; by authoring some of the earliest books on the subject.
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