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  1. Oct . 26-29, 681 LV, MoE 4 percentage points, Bluegrass Poll-Courier Journal
  2. Monday August 17, 2009 . The Courier Journal, Louisville, KY . pp.
  3. The Louisville Courier Journal of Louisville, Kentucky, put it nicely 50 years ago:
  4. Desmoreaux told the Louisville Courier Journal.
  5. In March 2010, a Courier Journal " poll showed Mongiardo leading Conway by 18 percentage points among likely primary voters.
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  7. Donnelly was endorsed by every major newspaper in Indiana, and the " Louisville Courier Journal ", whose readership extends into southern Indiana.
  8. He also has been featured in Max Muscle Magazine, GX Magazine, New York Times, Moscow Times and had an Olympic Column in the Courier Journal.
  9. Jeffrey Lee Puckett for " The Courier Journal " said the album " gets the season of holiday Christmas albums off to a big start ."
  10. It was launched in 1981 and in 2004 was renamed " Courier Journal " as part of a merger with its sister paper, the " Oxford Journal ".
  11. Before that he covered business and government at " The Anniston Star " in Anniston, Alabama, then was the environmental reporter at " The Courier Journal " in Louisville, Kentucky.
  12. He worked as a photojournalism intern at " The Louisville Courier Journal / Times " and " The Miami Herald " in 1979 and 1980 and joined the " Herald " staff in 1981.
  13. The overall piece, entitled Today Could Be A Day Of Historical Importance was executed in Sweden with Aftonbladet, in Germany with Freitag, in the U . S . with the New York Times and Courier Journal.
  14. According to The Courier Journal, " The clock moved around the end of June from its Theater Square location on Fourth Street, where it had sat since August 2012, and been inoperative for nearly the year prior.
  15. Diane Heilenman, Visual Arts Critic for the Courier Journal stated, " The work,'Water is Life,'fits the context of all her sculptures and paintings, which are often about environmental issues . " She often combines the female figure with natural elements, such as trees and plants.
  16. Betty Baye of the Louisville Courier Journal writes provocatively about the varied burdens of being a columnist : " White columnists can criticize bad, ignorant white people all day long, because bad white people, no matter how ignorant, no matter how terrible their crimes, still are perceived as individuals.
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