cross cultural studies造句


  1. :: : My question is related to cross cultural studies.
  2. :: Also you may want to look into cross cultural studies.
  3. His later films followed the same subject, described to capture the " cross cultural study of movement ".
  4. Sutton-Smith's interdisciplinary approach included research into play history and cross cultural studies of play, as well as research in psychology, education, and folklore.
  5. She retired in 2008, and took up a position as a visiting professor at the Center for Religious and Cross Cultural Studies at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  6. It's difficult to find cross cultural studies in a sentence. 用cross cultural studies造句挺难的
  7. In a cross cultural study of 248 sports, both males and females participated in 37, only females participated in 13, and only males participated in 198, making males the participants in 95 % of sports, and females 20 %.
  8. The January Term, or J-Term, is a three-and-a-half-week period where students can choose to take one or two courses intensively, participate in a cross cultural study program, sign up for the popular Skiing and Snowboarding class, or simply stay home for an extended vacation.


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