cross culture造句

"cross culture"是什么意思   


  1. foreign market entry strategy and cross culture management
  2. probing into multinational cross culture management problem
  3. 7th : cross culture exchange : china s external communication
  4. the application of constructivism into teaching of cross culture communication
  5. a cross culture study through internet on the adolescent perspective and smoking behavior
  6. It's difficult to find cross culture in a sentence. 用cross culture造句挺难的
  7. good communication and coordinating skills, cross culture working experience will be an advantage
  8. a cross culture study on the non-intellective factors of middle school students of nationalities living together
  9. therefore, this study puts forward a completely new concept on inter-culture management in taiwanese owned-enterprises and corrects some long-existed mistakes in cross culture management
  10. in the third part, analyzes the harmony between cross culture human resource managements and promotes the methods to improve it . in the end, bring forward an integration model
  11. in the second part analyzes the activities of cross culture human resource management . it includes how to choose personnel, how to take personnel train, how test personnel, and how to pay salaries
  12. therefore, how to deal with human resource management of the cross culture business enterprise, how to educate to train across culture talented person, and how to select and appoint excellent people from many angles, many levels, is a tough challenge to enterprise internationalize
  13. in the history of west countries especially north america the religious and cultural conflicts existed between the old immigrants and the new ones . the policy of racial segregation in the united states brought about the civic rights movement in 1960s and 1970s . the development of science / technology and economy asks for the communication of cross cultures and meantime provides the convenient conditions for it
  14. the thesis consists of three parts as follow : in the first part analyzes the cross culture foundation for the human resource management, including its influence on enterprise management, and culture strategies, and providing the background for deep across the culture human resource analysis
  15. in order to get more efficient human resource in a different culture environment, it's necessary to study across culture human resource management . after reading a large number of materials concerning across culture management, taking some multinational corporations as example, studies cross culture human resource management


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