1. She is survived by her daughter, Jane Cuozzo of Manhattan.
  2. Cuozzo would describe this in 2012 as one of his worst memories.
  3. In April 1970, when Cuozzo was 20, his mother Lillian died.
  4. In 1971, Cuozzo graduated from Stony Brook University as an English major.
  5. In 1993, Cuozzo held the position of managing editor of the paper.
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  7. Along with the conference lead, the Colts lost another quarterback when Cuozzo was injured.
  8. Cuozzo saw the Guild's 1993 strike actions as " bullheaded and intransigent ."
  9. Kapp was replaced by Gary Cuozzo.
  10. Fittingly, the Vikings'final play was an interception Cuozzo threw to cornerback Emmitt Thomas.
  11. Cuozzo played high school football at Glen Ridge High School in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.
  12. Richard Cuozzo Iii, WN-Perry by pinning Travis Viault, AD-Queensbury : 20.
  13. In the fall of 1981, Cuozzo was promoted to assistant managing editor in charge of features.
  14. In November 1999, Cuozzo began his weekly commercial real estate column, " Realty Check ".
  15. Her daughter, Jane Cuozzo, said the cause of death was complications from Parkinson's disease.
  16. Richard Cuozzo Iii, WN-Perry by decision Patrick Ahern, CN-Herkimer 6-2.
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