1. for symmetric cyphers, 128 bits is sufficient
  2. i don t enter, i am a cypher . you are the great i-am ! as far as life goes
  3. public-private key combination is at the heart of public key infrastructure, and is based on asymmetric cypher
  4. the most talked about algorithm in asymmetric cyphers is rsa, which uses 2048-bit keys-equivalent to 128-bit symmetric keys
  5. 9 smith d, cypher a, spohrer j . kidsim : programming agents without a programming language . communications of the acm, july 1994, 37 : 54-67
  6. It's difficult to find cyphers in a sentence. 用cyphers造句挺难的
  7. coins specially issued for hong kong did not appear until 1863 when the first regal coins of hong kong, i . e . coins bearing the portrait or royal cypher of the reigning monarch, were issued
  8. enigma, adapted from british author robert harris's best-selling novel, tells the tale of bletchley park, britain's top-secret code-breaking unit set up to smash the famous enigma cypher used by the german u-boats
  9. the selection of scheme must not only suffice the demands of agriculture and product, but also to be equitable in economy . the system builds the system of appraise target in corresponding for the convenience of users " decision-making, and sets up cypher model of agricultural machine investment devoting rate which is on the basis of traits of agricultural product


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