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  1. This paper primarily introduces the electronics r & d process and brings forward the integral and feasible design project of the system
  2. All of these make the whole software r & d process under control , programs more reliable and also ensure the software development in an efficient way . the bepcii is a multiple - bunch machine
  3. Secondly , by integrating the advantages of multi - view modeling idea and relation modeling method , a compound multi - view quantitative model ( cmvqm ) of r & d process is constructed according to the requirements of srabpi
    其次,综合多视图建模和关系建模的优点,从srabpi的需求出发,建立了研发过程复合多视图定量模型( cmvqm ) 。
  4. The dissertation also discusses the knowledge alliance , the management of r & d process , knowledge path dependence . at last , the knowledge platform is conceived to help the happening of knowledge integration
  5. The research and development of hv - tsc by domestic research institutes and manufactories is being in progress . it is of great significance to speed up the r & d process and promote the applications of hv - tsc in the domestic grid as soon as possible
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  7. This article is to perform a basic research on integrated product development ( ipd ) , which is the latest r & d management style that has been paid more and more attention in the high - tech industry in recent years . first , the basic principle and fundamental frameworks of ipd are demonstrated in brief . secondly , series of research were conducted on ipd - related organization , decision - making audit , r & d process , key actions at each stage and the technical evaluation
  8. This dissertation has discussed the r & d process of a broadcasting system based on network for fire fighting . this broadcasting system is based on the lan , and it has used the technology of voip . it has implemented the network speech communication by packet switching , and it has removed the shortcoming of the traditional broadcasting system which is based on circuit
    本文系统的论述了网络消防广播系统的研制过程,该系统基于tcp / ip局域网络,利用了voip的相关技术,采用分组交换的原理来实现语音的网络传输,易于扩展,不受距离的限制,消除了传统基于音频电路消防广播的弊端。
  9. With it industry ' s booming worldwide and the globalization of economic going forward , chinese software enterprises have encountered big challenges of international competition directly since china joined wto and carry out opening policy more intensively . comparing with developed countries in europe and america , the competitions that chinese software enterprises faced will no longer just on one ' s own core - technology , but an integrated capacity including r & d process , marketing strategies , services and support , brand and reputation and other factors
  10. Based on the r & d process of integrated supply chain management ( iscm ) system , this paper focuses on the software architecture construction of it in which the software develop process model of ec _ iscm , rup and component oriented method are involved . then , the software develop process model of ec _ iscm is applied in the whole r & d process of crm system based on iscm . firstly , the author researches the oo method in order to understand the origin of component method
    本文以面向电子商务的集成供应链管理系统( eciscm )开发为背景,重点研究基于集成供应链管理的客户关系管理( crm )软件构架,以及eciscm软件过程模型和面向构件的软件开发方法,并将eciscm软件过程模型用于指导基于集成供应链管理的crm软件开发。
  11. Secondly , combining theory with positive study method , this thesis analyzes different stages of the r & d process and the 4ps ' of the marketing mix of trs e - government system deeply . the reasons for the lower competitiveness and causes is found out regarding r & d , products , pricing , channel and promotion , etc . management of trs mainly focuses on technology and lack of studies on customer needs , as well as unawareness of modern marketing which result in separating r & d from marketing , so the technology advantages of trs could not turn into marketing advantages efficiently .
  12. To date , apart from wild animal an ` d plant resources protected by the country , electricity netwo ` rk construction an ` d operation , selection an ` d processing of radioactive minerals , press an ` d a few other industries where fo ` reign investment are prohibited , fdi are allowed an ` d encouraged in most industries
  13. Meanwhile , because of the similarity of mechanical manufacturing enterprises in r & d process , the thesis put forward three leading thought suitable for r & d of mechanical manufacturing enterprises , which are pursuit for the excellence of lead time , cost and productivity ; integration of r & d process and manufacturing abilities in r & d process . these thought provide beneficial inspiration for the improvement of r & d abilities of chinese mechanical manufacturing enterprises
  14. 3 . this paper illustrates the implementation of r & d investment management strategy which is based on core capability . to implement the strategy , aviation enterprises should plan the structure and scale of their r & d investment rationally , and adopt advanced methods of r & d project evaluating and r & d processing management
    在阐述基于核心能力培植的企业r & d投资管理实施方法的基础上,提出航空企业应从r & d投资强度与结构的合理安排出发,采用实物期权理论等先进的r & d投资评估方法与过程管理手段来实施基于核心能力培植的r & d投资策略。
  15. During the r & d process of the system , a new type of high q bandpass filter with self - calibration and integrate and dump is designed , which is cooperated with instantaneous frequency analysis to greatly improve the resolution and reliability of signal detection . that is another highlight of innovation in the study


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