d rays造句


  1. Announced D Ray Giroux has returned to the team from Europe.
  2. COLORADO AVALANCHE _ Announced the retirement of D Ray Bourque.
  3. D . C . UNITED _ Waived D Judah Cooks and D Ray Goodlett.
  4. INDIANA FIREBIRDS _ Signed DS Ray Jackson.
  5. Notes : Colorado D Ray Bourque had two assists in his eighth career Game 7.
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  7. Key players : D Ray Bourque, D Al Iafrate, G Blaine Lacher, RW Cam Neely, C Adam Oates.
  8. Sykes only gives up the plot after DCI Gene Hunt and DS Ray Carling savagely beat him up in the interrogation room.
  9. In attempting to escape, she takes down Hunt and DS Ray Carling before being kneed in the groin by DC Chris Skelton.
  10. Assigned D Mathieu Biron to Springfield of the AHL . Recalled D Ray Schultz from Cleveland of the IHL and F Juraj Kolnik from Springfield.
  11. He is most famous for his role as DS Ray Carling in the BBC Television drama " Ashes to Ashes ", until 2010.
  12. The fact that Rose admitted to Selig 14 months ago that he bet on baseball and he still hasn't been reinstat % d Rays volumes.
  13. DS Ray Carling's assault of another attendee only worsens the situation, and Hunt has to field a telephone call from an angry Commissioner McNee.
  14. Riley comes back that night, but the attempts by DS Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton to warn Hunt and Drake are foiled by dead radop batteries.
  15. Hunt takes the notebook from a drunken Drake that evening and shows it to DS Ray Carling who doesn't know what to make of the numbers.
  16. While in police custody, DS Ray Carling, assisted by DC Chris Skelton, force Kemble to eat cocaine, in the hope Kemble would reveal his supplier.
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