d records造句


  1. And then we'd record again, into the night.
  2. I think we got a really good Schooly D record out of it.
  3. If I were you, I d record singing.
  4. He'd record anything ."
  5. I'd record the height of the PVC and let the Sheetrock hide it.
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  7. We'd record at night or over water to simulate different conditions ."
  8. During his time in Fort Worth, Nelson was signed by Pappy Daily to D Records.
  9. On a typical night, they'd record " 18 assists and 18 turnovers,"
  10. We'd record for two hours then have a swim and keep recorded & it was great!
  11. He ended the season with seven sacks after he predicted he'd record 15 sacks before the season.
  12. During his first D Records session in Fort Worth, Nelson had recorded " Man With the Blues ".
  13. When a new KSK is created, the DS record must be transferred to the parent zone and published there.
  14. Compared to these DS records are similar to library cataloging records in that they are simplified, standardized and concise.
  15. The recording of the song was rejected by Pappy Daily, owner of Nelson's label, D Records.
  16. In fact, the Minneapolis-based trio didn't even know for sure which songs they'd record.
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