d roads造句


  1. The town maintained a steady stream of visitors, however, due to its position on Three Notch'd Road, which connected Richmond to the east.
  2. She tweeted " The govt should be responsible for housing ppl . If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody ."
  3. These solo poems Gardner called " Canticles " after a 1889 reference by the poet in the essay " A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads ."
  4. Just west of Rockfish Gap, US 250 has a trumpet interchange with I-64, then curves east to the gap itself on the Augusta & ndash; Crozet as Three Notch'd Road.
  5. A civil engineer of considerable skill, Crozet had identified the eventual route as early as 1839 . Rail service reached Charlottesville by 1851; westward, the railroad closely followed the alignment of the ancient Three Notch'd Road.
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  7. In 2003, Derbyshire County Council reviewed the status of the path, classified as a Schedule D road; residents had petitioned for a change in the road's status, and the Trail Riders Fellowship petitioned against any change.
  8. By the 1730s, the Three Notch'd Road extended from the vicinity of the fall line of the William Gooch promoted settlement of the Virginia backcountry as a means to insulate the Virginia colony from Native American and New France settlements in the Ohio Country In response, a wide variety of settlers traveled southward on the Indian Trail later known as the Great Wagon Road along the Shenandoah Valley from Pennsylvania.


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