defensive rating造句


  1. In nine games he has no points and a minus-five defensive rating.
  2. Robitaille has 22 goals and 40 points this season, along with a plus-4 defensive rating.
  3. In seven games, he has no goals, four assists and a defensive rating of minus-seven.
  4. Stevens was also on the ice for Ferraro's goal and finished with a plus-two defensive rating.
  5. And with only 10 errors in 683 chances, he had the third-best defensive rating among AL shortstops.
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  7. Gilmour had 56 points and a minus-16 defensive rating, and is out for the year with a back injury.
  8. Duchesne, who began his career with the Kings in 1986, has 23 points this season and a minus-6 defensive rating.
  9. He remains among the league leaders in assists this season, but has scored just eight goals and has an abysmal minus-21 defensive rating.
  10. Therefore, these analysts favor use of points scored per 100 possessions ( Offensive Rating ) and points allowed per 100 possessions ( Defensive Rating ).
  11. "Obviously, I'm not happy, " said Boucher, whose minus-11 defensive rating is the worst on the team.
  12. But by midseason, with the Cowboys on their way to the NFL's top overall defensive rating, Big Bill knew he could trust his scrappy defensive coordinator.
  13. Mr . Jankowski displayed some of his scoring touch, notching 15 goals in 68 games and a high defensive rating despite limited playing time as the season wore on.
  14. In Dallas, he's kept the miscues to a minimum and even has a defensive rating of plus-two, a drastic improvement over the minus-11 he had as a King.
  15. The 12-year veteran has no goals, a defensive rating of minus-seven and has been putting out an effort that flies in the face of the team's commitment to hard work.
  16. The Kings were hoping he would provide consistent goal scoring, but in 25 games he has three goals _ including one that bounced in off his chest _ and a defensive rating of minus-11.
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