delivery receipt造句

"delivery receipt"是什么意思   


  1. For defects that cannot be identified visually at the time of delivery receipt , we allow a 7 - day period from the date of order receipt for refund exchange claims
  2. Checking all of purchased order 、 delivery receipt 、 purchased invoice according to purchasing dept issued in the erp purchasing management system
  3. Upon the completion of loading or discharging of such goods and articles , the carrier shall submit to the customs the delivery receipt and records containing the actual situation
  4. Copy of claused delivery receipt , or damage exception report from carrier forwarder tally report to the same effect copy of notice of claim against carrier forwarder and their reply , if any
  5. 1666 - 1666j preserves the customer s right to make arguments with an issuing bank about the correctness of a bill including amount , computation , timing , and delivery receipt of goods services
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  7. To arrange refund exchange after delivery receipt , please retain the used product item , original packaging , and official receipt for the action . please contact our service hotline for any related issues
  8. Obtain damage exception report from carrier forwarder or tally report from tally company to the same effect ; or mark damage exception on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery ; immediately put notice of claim on carrier forwarder within the time limit set out in the contract of carriage


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