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  1. How to : configure a report server for e - mail delivery reporting services configuration
    如何配置报表服务器以进行电子邮件传递( reporting services配置)
  2. According to our delivery report , we could not find the batch of 40 bicycles on the first page of the delivery order
  3. In the event that a problem occurs when delivering a message to a mail - enabled group , you can prevent delivery reports from being sent to the group owner or to the message originator
  4. Today , the widely accepted mail transfer protocols are smtp ( simple mail transfer protocol ) and x . 400 protocol . comparing with smtp , x . 400 supports more reliable controls , involving delivery report and receipt report
    目前邮件服务中被广泛接受的报文发送标准有两个,一个是x . 400协议,另一个是smtp (简单报文传输协议) 。
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