1. During the tour the brothers appeared in Amsterdam, Dresden, Hamburg, Saxony, Prague and Paris, at the latter city regularly working out in the gymnasium of Edmond Desbonnet.
  2. Widely known for his massive size and brute strength, he was recognized as one of the top three strongmen in the world by Alan Calvert, pioneer of American weight training, and photographer Edmond Desbonnet during the turn of the century.
  3. At the turn of the 20th century, bodybuilder and showman Eugen Sandow's system, based upon weight lifting, enjoyed considerable international popularity, while Edmond Desbonnet and George Hebert popularized their own systems within France and French-speaking countries.
  4. Desbonnet referred to Gulam as one of the two " super wrestlers " of modern times ( the other being Yusuf 0smail ) and Stanislaus Zbyszko told Robert W . Smith that, although he had never met Gulam himself, " I got information off one wrestler who did train with Gulam.
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