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  1. By 1913, she was part as the Seventh Destroyer Flotilla,
  2. The 8th Destroyer Flotilla under " Kapit鋘 zur See"
  3. In April 1945 she transferred to the 4th Destroyer Flotilla.
  4. In May 1917 the destroyer was assigned to the Thirteenth Destroyer Flotilla.
  5. Both ships served in the 10th Destroyer Flotilla during the Second World War.
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  7. "Quorn " then joined the 21 Destroyer Flotilla at Harwich.
  8. In 1914 she was transferred to the 7th Destroyer Flotilla on the Humber.
  9. The next month, she joined the 10th Destroyer Flotilla of the Mediterranean Fleet
  10. The 5th Destroyer Flotilla visited the Mediterranean in 1925.
  11. For valuable service in command of the Twentieth Destroyer Flotilla in the Baltic.
  12. By March 1915 she deployed with the Fifth Destroyer Flotilla to the Dardanelles.
  13. The ship rejoined the 2nd Destroyer Flotilla of the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow.
  14. On completion they formed the 6th Destroyer Flotilla for service in the Home Fleet.
  15. She was assigned to the 14 Destroyer Flotilla.
  16. They were then assigned to the British Home Fleet's 26th Destroyer Flotilla.
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