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  1. A study on synthetic aperture sonar movement compensation based on displaced phase center algorithm
  2. The dissertation also discusses a kind of improving algorithm of dpca : adaptive displaced phase center antenna ( adpca ) , indicate the adpca can be used in distributed space - borne sar
    5 .对dpca的改进技术( adpca )进行了探讨。通过分析,说明了adpca技术在分布式星载sar系统中应用的可行性。
  3. In addition to the conventional techniques such as low sidelobe antennas and displaced phased center antenna ( dpca ) , there has been great interest in space - time adaptive processing ( stap ) because it can suppress clutter effectively and improve the detection performance of airborne phased array radar evidently
    除了采用低副瓣天线、偏置天线相位中心( dpca )等传统杂波抑制技术,能够有效提高机载相控阵雷达地杂波抑制能力和动目标检测性能的空时二维自适应处理( stap )受到了广泛关注。
  4. The paper overviews the history of moving targets detection and imaging based on sar , the methods based on doppler filtering , doppler rate filtering , parameter estimation and multichannel sar imaging are discussed in detail . the paper focuses on the two methods used in spaceborne sar which are displaced phase center antenna and along - track interferometric
  5. 3 . after studying deeply the multi - antenna sar mtdi based on displaced phase center antenna ( dpca ) , a new double - antenna method is proposed which remedies the shortcomings of conventional ways . the method need n ' t meet the constraint condition that conventional ways must meet and can suppress ground clutter effectively and detect moving target
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  7. This dissertation mainly researches the displaced phase center antenna ( dpca ) technique in the new system , and the contributions are calculated as following : 1 . the doppler history is analyzed for the spaceborne bistatic sar , doppler center frequency and doppler fm rate computational methods are studied . summing up is done for the methods of moving target detection and imaging
    本文完成的主要工作有: 1 .分析慢速运动目标信号特征以及运动目标对sar成像的影响(多普勒中心频率,多普勒斜率以及距离徙动误差) ,总结了目前sar运动目标检测与成像的主要方法。


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