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  1. Living in the camps as displaced refugees is not a good life.
  2. Stories and images of displaced refugees filled the Salvadoran press and the airwaves.
  3. The country was full of displaced refugees and empty Ottoman estates.
  4. Morjane spoke at a center for displaced refugees in Ivory Coast's southern economic hub, Abidjan.
  5. The displaced refugees may also pose a risk to countries to which they have fled.
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  7. The government contends he fraudulently applied for entry into the United States as a war-displaced refugee.
  8. The government contends Demjanjuk fraudulently applied for entry into the United States as a war-displaced refugee.
  9. On Friday, a team of five Japanese doctors prepared to leave for Syria to help treat expected war-displaced refugees.
  10. Southern Afghanistan, though warmer, was also a concern because of some 400, 000 internally displaced refugees there, Shinohara said.
  11. Meanwhile, European officials said they were prodding Ivanov to facilitate the work of humanitarian agencies in caring for displaced refugees.
  12. Most of Sha'ab's original residents became internally displaced refugees, settling in nearby Arab villages, predominantly in Majd al-Krum and Sakhnin.
  13. UNHCR, which had shut down its camp at the church following the shelling, returned to assist the newly displaced refugees.
  14. An exodus of almost the entire city of 300, 000 people has threatened to create a humanitarian crisis of internally displaced refugees.
  15. In 2010, Junoon delivered a Concert for Pakistan at the United Nations in NYC, for the displaced refugees in the Swat Valley.
  16. Horta said he had " grave " concerns for the safety of 230, 000 displaced refugees living in squalid camps in West Timor.
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