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  1. This statement, by its terms, simply stops DOHSA from displacing state law in territorial waters.
  2. To the extent that federal statutes are ambiguous, we do not read them to displace state law.
  3. The tendency of this statute to displace state regulation in areas of traditional state concern is evident from its territorial operation.
  4. Federal securities law " supplements, but does not displace state regulation and remedies, " the court said.
  5. This law, ERISA, essentially displaces state laws or regulations that " relate to any employee benefit plan ."
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  7. She said Congress'goal was not to displace state authority but " just to provide an alternate remedy, an alternate forum ."
  8. Writing for the two, Ginsburg said the ruling displaced state negligence laws " with no substantive federal standard of conduct to fill the void.
  9. The practical force of this argument has diminished in light of this Court's later holdings that the Act does displace state law to the contrary.
  10. The law " displaces state prerogative in areas of traditional state authority, " lawyers for one of the football players contended in court briefs.
  11. Lawyers for the Baumans and the Haverford hospital's insurers said ERISA does not displace state courts'role in hearing claims of inadequate health care.
  12. As a third alternative, in those areas where Congress has not completely displaced state regulation, federal law may nonetheless pre-empt state law to the extent it actually conflicts with federal law.
  13. The District Court agreed with Yamaha that Moragne's maritime death action displaced state remedies; the court held, however, that loss of society and loss of support and services were compensable under Moragne.
  14. In the last several weeks, large protests by displaced state workers have occurred in several cities of northeastern, central and western China, usually arising from similar charges of unpaid benefits and self-enriching officials.
  15. The probability of N consecutive lack of photon counts for the \ lbrace \ mid 2 \ alpha \ rangle, \ mid-2 \ alpha \ rangle \ rbrace displaced states grows as N products of the probability P _ 0,
  16. When Reno issued her order in 1998, she said she found no evidence the Controlled Substances Act law was intended to displace states as the primary regulators of the medical profession or override a state's authority determine of what constitutes a legitimate medical practice.
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