1. The ground color of the hindwings dorsad of the fold is gray, but darker toward the distal margins.
  2. The ground color of the forewings is pale ocherous, but somewhat brownish salmon dorsad and pale silvery gray externad.
  3. In the cell, about the middle, and at the end of the cell, are fuscous spots with a fuscous bar between and slightly dorsad.
  4. The ground colour of the forewings is light brownish-yellow, darker between the silvery-white stripe and the costa, and dorsad of this stripe.
  5. The area dorsad of this line is fulvous and there is an off-white fascia at three-fourths followed by a mixture of dark brown, fulvous, and grey brown scales.
  6. It's difficult to find dorsad in a sentence. 用dorsad造句挺难的
  7. The hind limbs are held behind the bat in a spider-leg-like posture, with the femur extending dorsad and caudad, and with the shank partially flexed and extending caudad and more or less downward.
  8. The scales on the costal half at the base and the costal margin on the forewings are buff white with brown tips, while the scales on the area costad and distad of the medial brown streak are white to buff white with pale brown apices, and the scales dorsad of the brown streak are pale yellow.


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