double cd造句


  1. The DVD was also released as a double CD / DVD.
  2. It was issued on double CD in 2000 through Castle Records.
  3. The album is available in double CD, quadruple digital download.
  4. It was released on double CD and double 12 " vinyl.
  5. His latest recording is a double CD of Debussy preludes.
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  7. The whole idea of the double CD fell apart ."
  8. The double CD has already been selected for the Grammy Ballot Box.
  9. The set contains six double CDs featuring recordings from six different concerts.
  10. It was also released as two separate double CD packs.
  11. A DVD and double CD of the concert were released.
  12. It was released as a double CD / DVD album in 2006.
  13. This double CD contains eleven tracks from the 1981 ).
  14. It was released as a double CD and DVD album.
  15. All three releases include a triple LP and double CD.
  16. A live double CD of the show recorded in Dijon was released.
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