double vision造句

"double vision"是什么意思   


  1. Causes consequences of double vision
  2. He has double vision
  3. I have no double vision
  4. Double vision measurement and data analysis based on three coordinate measuring machine
  5. The double vision server is web server and also is application server . the double vision client uses browser as the client application
  6. It's difficult to find double vision in a sentence. 用double vision造句挺难的
  7. Rene liu has got a lot of best actress awards from " double vision " and a lot of other movies . the story is about eileen chang s whole life . eileen was born in shanghai in 1920
    释演张爱玲的刘若英曾以"双瞳" , "徵婚启事" , "美丽在唱歌" ,及"少女小渔"得过多个最佳女主角奖
  8. A spokesman for the centre for health protection ( chp ) of the department of health ( dh ) said that the patient lived in tin shui wai . she developed fever , dizziness and double vision on july 20 and was admitted to tuen mun hospital on the same day
  9. What this article presents is a consultation project in mk corporation , where three authors ( one is organization psychologist , another is strategy management scholar , and the other is human resources worker ) involved in the strategy planning in 2001 by double visions of organization development ' s perspective and strategy management perspective
    摘要本文所呈现的乃三位作者(组织心?学家、策?管?学者、人?资源专业工作者)于2001 ?一同担任mk实业策?顾问,以组织发展与策?管?的双重视角,看待实践现场的?床个案史。


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