due diligence meeting造句

"due diligence meeting"是什么意思   


  1. The judge went on to ask Tyson if he knew that anything said orally by IBP chairman Robert L . Peterson or president Richard L . Bond during due diligence meetings could not be relied on.
  2. Harold Bache still came into the office at 36 Wall Street daily, through the private elevator on the street, and attended weekly due diligence meetings in a stuffy room in the middle of the building, possibly designed to minimize these necessarily boring sessions.
  3. The agency alleged that Nicholas Croce of Lake Grove, New York, a Grumman employee at the time directly involved in due diligence meetings in preparation for the merger, tipped his brother Frank Croce of Massapequia, New York, also a Grumman worker, and that Frank Croce then tipped their cousin Frank Sanitate.
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